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We are

Brick Visual is an international, high-end architectural visualization company, with unique and engaging visual style. Our visualizations give voice to yet unbuilt architecture.

Quality And Quantity

The Brick Visual's team is comprised of a diverse and skillful group of professionals who hail from over 8 different countries. This core team is constantly growing and evolving - both to expand our pool of talented artists and to grow our available capacity for our Clients.

We’re Visual Storytellers

We see our role as design communication professionals with strong architecture background, tasked with clearly translating conceptual architectural designs into captivating and engaging imagery.

Inspired by Art

We know, that architectural visualization is so much more than beautiful renders of future buildings. Our creations are composed to convey stories, invoke feelings, inspire the audience and to invite the viewer to engage - just as traditional art forms do.

While architectural visualization is a modern medium, we are constantly inspired by our heroes from the past. Our principles are defined through our studies of classical art and cinematography. We believe learning from great works of the past can inform our vision of the future and provide an unparalleled experience to our clients.

...and fueled by technology

At Brick Visual, our skills and craftsmanship are powered and enhanced by high-tech solutions. Not only do we understand and utilize standard industry programs and technologies, but we have also developed our own proprietary software solutions to perfect our production pipeline.


There are some key ethical, human and professional values we follow from the early days, when Brick Visual was just a dream of five young architects to now, being a company of 50+ people.

Words we live by

For us these are not just temporary buzzwords, but cornerstones we stick to.

Integrity for us is transparency, truthfullness, professional efficiency, sharing and overall flexibility. We are always eager to learn and develop ourselves, and an open-minded approach is a must, as well as diversity. This is what curiosity means to us.

Positivity is key to great work. Fun, empathy, good energy, camaraderie and helpfulness make our daily live better


Meet the beautiful faces of the Brick Visual team, the public players and talented professionals working behind the scenes.


We are proud to work on incredible designs from all over the world with 68 clients and counting.